Eyes to See: How We View Racism in the Church

An Interview with Dr. Drew G.I. Hart by Micky ScottBey Jones Dog-whistle politics. Protest in the streets. Changing religious norms. For many, there is trouble to be seen everywhere we look. In Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism, author and theologian Dr. Drew Hart shares the racism he has observed in … Mer Eyes to See: How We View Racism in the Church

Escaping Whiteness

Part 1 of 8 by Paul Alexander White American Christians need a liberation theology of their own to free them from the denial of their own past. White Amer-Europeans must courageously own their past—without guilt but with great intentionality—to change the present and the future.

The American Delusion

Interview by Mickey ScottBey Jones After reading this powerful poem by friend and brother in the struggle Shawn Casselberry, I got him on the phone for an interview. Here’s a little of what we talked about. Shawn lives with and serves his Chicago neighborhood with his brilliant, creative wife, Jen, and their big, always-excited dog. … Mer The American Delusion