Editorial–Pax Pneuma Speaks to Gender Equality.

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Every month we will set a current theme to address, and ask a number of Christian authors, writers, and academics to give us their input.  This month’s theme is Gender Equality. Contributors this month include Dr. Kimberly Ervin Alexander, “Keeping Women in their Place.”; Dr. Dale M. Coulter, “Jesus Feminist and the Pentecostal Holiness Movement.”; Mike Morrell, Author, Writer and Mystic (my words) and his article, “An Open Letter to my Brothers in light of #MeToo.” We also have prophetic poetry by Bec Cranford, and I will add new material as it becomes available. The Magazine and website will expand over time.

December’s theme will be Money and the Environment.

Peace–Terry Threadwell DMin. Interim Director.

Sexual Harassment

stop sexual hYou know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it; you can do anything. Grab them by the p…..y; you can do anything.” Donald J. Trump.

Nobody was surprised to hear that there is a corporate culture that sees no problem with sexual harassment in the workplace. Government departments such as the National Park Service, as well as corporations such as Fox News, and Uber are just a small sample of a much larger problem.  Others will tell you that this is just harmless fun, and yet the fact that 98% of American corporations have a sexual harassment policy tells us this is not fun. Like most things, the culture that accepts sexual harassment is the same culture that allows greater favors to male employees, discrimination in wages, unfair promotion practices, and overlooking women for consideration for management positions.

The discrimination starts at a very early age with boys getting more classroom attention than girls in elementary school, and girls are discouraged from taking math or science classes in high school. Surely, they should focus on domestic science, or if they must have a career, then it should be typing, secretarial or retail? We should however, be encouraging young girls to dream big dreams and achieve their full potential.

The reality is that more women are starting businesses than men, more women are in the workforce than men, and the majority of degree-holders are now women. Yet, according to the Department of Labor 2007 statistics, women are still only dominating fields and industries that are often seen as “female.” According to CNN Money, in 2006, there were only 10 women running Fortune 500 companies, and only 20 in the top 1,000. Now in 2017, the number has risen to 32.

Perhaps the reasons for discrimination of women goes deeper than might think and into darker places that we wished existed? Corporate America, Hollywood, Washington, all staring to unravel.  There’s more to come!

Dr. Terry Threadwell–Interim Director Pax Pneuma