About Pax Pneuma

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-01-06-kl-21-17-02Pax Pneuma (“Peace of the Spirit”) is a multicultural, gender inclusive, and ecumenical organization that promotes peace, justice, and reconciliation work among Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians around the world.

Core Values

1. Life in the Word and the Spirit: Pentecostal spirituality in worship, discipleship, witness and service, and the whole Bible rightly divided with the New Testament as our rule of faith and practice.
2. Proclamation, evangelization and mission as central to the life of the church.
3. Kingdom Ethics: Jesus-centered personal and social holiness (Sanctification) in attitude and lifestyle, including mutual accountability and correction.
4. Active peacemaking and non-violent resistance to evil including restorative justice (restitution) for violators and those violated.
5. Mutual submission and equality among sexes (Egalitarianism), races (Racial Reconciliation) and socio-economic groups (Social Justice).
6. Integral, holistic mission done in special solidarity with the most vulnerable and marginalized of society expressed in acts of mercy, justice and simplicity of lifestyle.
7. Earthkeeping: Co-creative stewardship with God in creation care and eco-justice.

About the Blog

The Pax Pneuma blog is contributed to by both members and non-members of Pax Pneuma. While we expect contributors to follow the mission statement above, opinions expressed in blog posts are personal and does not necessarily represent the official view of Pax Pneuma. If you want to contribute to the blog, contact us with some information about who you are and what you want to write about. For a list of regular contributors, go here.

3 thoughts on “About Pax Pneuma”

  1. Hello. We are a mennonite church in Eastern Canada. We are from Pentecostal/Charismatic background and we would want to get in touch and ally with our pacifist brethren in the other denominations. So I would want to know if you have a branch in Canada and if so, do this branch have groups or contacts in the Province of Quebec ?

    Thanks in advance for your kind help.

    Peace in Jesus.

    Rodrigue Allard,
    Ichtus Mennonite Church,
    Quebec City, Province of Quebec, Canada


  2. To whom it may concern,

    It is a troubling sign that PCPJ would endorse such an Empire glorifying event as the Azusa gathering. Not only was the event shamelessly exploiting American exceptionalism, it also lacked any ethical component (other than certain persons touting their work on behalf of the ‘poor.’). One did not find anywhere Jesus’ call to nonviolence articulated at this event. I am sorely disappointed that PCPJ would lend their good name to such as this.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Michael Hardin
    Executive Director, Preaching Peace


    1. Hello Michael! Thank you for your comment.

      The idea of the PCPJ blog is not that we or our members officially endorse everything we cover. We weren’t present at the Azusa Now event and do not by any mean endorse American exceptionalism. What we did was to interview Jennifer Miskov who lives in community, is ordained by Iris Global that has an impressive development work in southern Africa and who spoke about how the revival she’s praying about includes peace and justice. That’s what we wanted to highlight related to an event that attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of Pentecostals and Charismatics.



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